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Want to practise more? Try Marchematicos +. For only 1.5 £ or 1.99 € You can get instant access for three months to additional few hundreds items including solutions from many mathematical subjects. For this money You can never have even one hour lesson with tutor, as well as You never buy an excercise book, but You can have this knowlegde directly! For this money I also manage to keep this service running and make the database grow!

1.5 £
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Welcome at the first working math e-learning service displaying mathematical stuff in efficient way!


Service was designed for students (technical universities especially), want to prepare themselves successfully for math exams during their first year of studies. Many definitions, prooved theorems and solved tasks from classes, exams, lectures I have solved while passing my own exams and conducted at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, was collected here.
Using brand new technology jsMath problematic for displaying mathematical formulas, now can be easily read as a font, instead of slowly loading images, and converted from TeX language directly in Your browser!

Enjoy it!
Wojciech Marchaj


By this time...

Dreamweaver CS3...want to pass Your math exams, have to buy many books or borrow them from the library...

Anything You could find was incomplete, low quality and untrustworthy.



A Laptop Computer... You need only Your PC.

All You need to learn mathematics, You find on this page!

Find out Marchematicos search engine!  
By using it You efectively find desirable theorem, definition and usages in tasks. See the resources!


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